Readers Questions: Which Trail is Wildest? Do You Need a Map?

Well, guess what. Another hiker writes. I love interacting with other hikers. Thanks guys.

A gentleman from the UK wrote: “I’m going to Berlin next week and would love to try one. I’ll need to travel to/from by train from the centre of Berlin where I’ll be staying for a conference for a couple of days…

  1. Do you need a map to walk the trails or are they well sign posted?
  2. Which trail that you have done is the “wildest” – the one that feels the most like you are away from the city?


Great questions! (are any questions bad?). Here’s what I had to say about that.
1. Some of them are well posted, but I wouldn’t trust that. If you have a smart phone with GPS, I strongly recommend, making some screenshots of the trail from WanderKompass. Zoom in and make 6-10 snaps of the trail. While you’re out hiking, if you have a google map on your phone, you can use the Google Map GPS to see where you are respective to the screenshots. I suggest the screenshots, because you’ll want to save battery, and not use data/internet while on your hike.
2. I’ve done #1-#12 so far, and I think you’ll safely feel out of the city with any of #3 – #12. I can’t speak for #13 – #17. I think my favorite was #5 here’s my post about that. Warning – this is a very long hike 30.5km, 7-8hrs. For something shorter, but still very charming, consider #8 “Hennickendorf to Rüdersdorf” unfortunately, I don’t have a post about that one. I’ll make sure to get around to that soon.

That’s all from the email.

Once again, it’s great to have a chance to share and hopefully contribute back to the 66 Lake Hiker group. As always, don’t be afraid to chime in, photos, stories, whatever. Send my way so we can give back to the other 66 Lake Trail hikers.

 Writing from Berlin, Germany, hope to see you here again soon!