Readers Questions: Favorite Trails, Can More Than One Be Done In A Day, and More!

Woo Hoo! I got some feedback this week, more proof there are other people walking the 66 Lakes Trail, which is awesome.

One reader wrote and asked questions which make a lot of sense; are there towns on either end of the trails, which are the best, and can you hike more than one trail in a day? Great questions, I wish I’d thought about that before now. Not everyone plans to walk the entire loop, so if you had to choose only a few which would they be? Duhh!

Yay for feedback and common sense!

All questions and my responses below:

1) Have you finished the loop yet?
A: I haven’t finished the loop yet. Originally it was my goal to complete it in one year, but life got in the way, and well, it is a lot of hiking too! I hope to finish it this year.
2) Is it possible to hike more than one trail per day?
A: To hike two trails in one day (or more), seems like quite an undertaking. That’s a lot of hiking! Each section takes 4-7 hours without stopping, so while it may be feasible in the current summer days to walk through two sections, you would need some very sturdy legs and have to be a fast walker. I suggest giving yourself lots of time so you can stop at some of the nice spots along the way and enjoy them. But that’s just how I like to do things, certainly don’t feel there are solid rules. I have rode one of the trails on a bike, this sped things up, but not nearly as much as anticipated. I suggest, aim for one, and if you have the time leave room for two, maybe you can do it! If you do let me know! You will be my hero!
3) Which trails are your favorites?
A: My favorites are probably trail 5, and trail 7, they both pass through several small villages and vacation areas with restaurants and there are many lakes to take a break at, you will stumble past skinny dippers!!! (just keep walking hahaha) I’m realizing now that I didn’t write about #7, and on the 5th we stayed in a guest house in Biesenthal and continued onto the 6th the next day, so I don’t know it’s easy to return back to the city at the end of it that one. But all of them have been accessible by train or bus, so I wouldn’t be concerned, just make sure to look up the train times ahead of time so you don’t get stuck. Also, while it’s not much like any of the other trails, the first one, is quite an experience as it navigates many of the palaces and gardens in Potsdam, and there is a brewery halfway through it which I highly recommend visiting, though the beer will slow you down! It’s worth it TRUST ME (said in Arnold Schwarzenegger voice).
Avoid #2-4, they are either not very scenic, and you will just find yourself walking through a lot of farm land and not much else. The 4th is very nice in some points, but has a very tricky section towards the end which got us lost and we spent an extra 90 minutes hiking (this was partially due to my stubbornness of not using cell phones for GPS), I suggest skipping it till you’re ready for real adventure.
4) Does each trail start and end in a town?
A: Each trail starts in a town and ends in a town, but some, like the town at the end of #1 (Potsdam to Marqaurdt), are very small, don’t expect the restaurants or shops to be open in these small villages, though most Gästehäuser are open on weekdays and on Saturdays till 18:00, just be aware that you’ll be hungry and you might not find a place to get food if you don’t watch the clock…
That’s all from the email. It was really nice to have a chance to share and hopefully contribute back to the 66 Lake Hiker group. Don’t be shy folks send me your pictures, questions, and thoughts!
Writing from Krasiejów, Poland, hope to see you here again soon!