Let me know what you think

It’s really amazing how many visitors this blog gets. What started as a personal goal to hike around Berlin, over a year ago, has turned into a pit stop for curious adventurers seeking the same kind of challenge that I was.

I cannot wait to return to Berlin in June and continue where I left off, hopefully, I can even finish the rest of the trail in June. But until then, and going forward, if you’re here and found some info, or not enough, let me know I’m happy to talk about the trail, or other hiking resources in Germany.

You can find me on facebook or instagram or just send me an email tomhillard (at) gmail

It’s a small world out there, not many people actually on this trail, and until Reese Witherspoon makes a movie about it, it’s kind of fun to find others who are interested in talking about it 🙂