Brieselang to Hennigsdorf – Stage 3

The hike worked out to be really nice. It’s still early Spring in Berlin so most of the growth hasn’t come in yet, but this trail offered a lot of great landscape, in forests, farm land, horse ranches, and more. Also, the train rides were really direct, into Brieselang was a straight shot from Friedrichstrasse Bahnhof on the regional train, and from the Hennigsdorf Haupbahnhof the S25 departs every 30 minutes, waiting to shoot us right back into the middle of Berlin. I don’t expect many more trails to be so accessible, but this really made it easier to blaze through those 22.5 kilometers.

While researching other 66 Lakes Trail blogs, I noticed after the fact, that there is an abandoned Soviet Airfield somewhere along this trail. I’ll do a better job to find stuff like this before we head out. That would have been awesome to see!

Trail 3 appears to end in a small public park behind a shopping mall, nothing nearly as beautiful as the Schlosspark Marquardt and Schloß Marquardt at the end of the 2nd trail. And Hennigsdorf at 5pm on a Saturday afternoon was a real ghost town, so don’t expect to find a nice cafe or beer garden here. But the train station has a small kiosk so you can grab some beer or other refreshments there.

Here’s some photos of the trail:

From the trail head in Brieselang
From the trail head in Brieselang
The trail offered many, deep in the woods moments like this
The trail offered many, deep in the woods moments like this
Stage 3 of the 66 lakes trail, Breiselang to Hennigsdorf
Also, lots of farm land on this hike

At the edge of the forest IMG_8680 IMG_8683IMG_8685 IMG_8684IMG_8686 IMG_8687

That was it! Some parts of the trail were really windy, but mostly a beautiful day with stretches 3-4km long each where we had the world to ourselves. More soon. Hope you enjoyed the hike as much as we did.

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